Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why not CALAMITY?!

This woman is another amazing ally to FiRE! Representing Shaolin (Staten Island in the house!) She makes this year's DIWANG PINAY line-up even better!

Corinne Manabat aka Calamity is an aspiring documentary filmmaker by day, and spoken word artist/lyricist by night. She has performed at a few NY venues such as Guerrilla Words Open Mic and Sulu Series, and at various college events including FIND D4 Barrio Fiesta. This native Staten Islander has always had a love for hip-hop and loves to breakdance. Always down for the good fight, she is also involved with several social justice organizations. She won the 2005 ImaginAsian TV's PSA Contest for APA (Asian-Pacific-American) Heritage Month with her spoken word montage "Proud and Free," dedicated to her deceased Lolo (grandfather). In May 2008, she will be finishing up "Excuse My Gangsta Ways," a documentary short about a Chinese-American woman who is a former gang member from the 1990s Lower East Side. For more info, check out: