Thursday, March 20, 2008

FiRE loves you come rain, or come shine...

Fabulous documentation by JD Generoso --- a warm thank you to him!

The music was beautiful, the art - fantastic, and the love and support were astounding! Despite the weather, a lovely fifty friends of FiRE made it to White Rabbit throughout the night. Thank you very much for braving the storm in your galoshes, and showing your support! Because of you, we are thismuch closer to making DIWANG PINAY and several other FiRE programs a reality! And don't fret, we will see you again in a similar setting via the APRIL 19th afterparty at Katra Lounge post-DIWANG PINAY. So, we can't wait to run into you again!

Extended thank yous to the following folks:
Sara J.
DJ Sabine
Fly Lady Di
the wonderful folks at White Rabbit
and everyone who came through last night...

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