Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Educational Discussion--IBAGSAK!!

To welcome Spring, we gathered at Val's house to discuss "Women, Migration and Globalization". We learned so much from our discussion and connected our Filipino American issues to the struggles of women all the way in the Philippines and globally. On the eve of Val's b-day, FiRE sisters once again redefined the meaning of FREEDOM SCHOOL!

Onward with FiRE Educational Discussion Series!

Thanks for coming alls of you:
Macky (first one to get here and last one to leave!)
Lynda (organic lemonade and cookies!)
Jennine (come to Diwang Pinay please!!)
Jackie (umm, you know what.)
Julie (for making time!)
Hanalei (for making it at 6 instead of 8!)
Cris (her first FiRE appearance!)
Sharon (Welcome Welcome!)

and to the Bay Area sisters:
Heather, Mel and Jay!!

and our hosts: Raul and Val!!

If you want to check out the next ED, please email Kimmie at