Thursday, March 27, 2008


An amazing kasama and organizer in our sibling organization, AnakBayan NY-NJ! We can't wait til you hear her gorgeous voice, and see her in all her fierceness onstage! Please welcome our homegirl of many names, Cling!

Anne Beryl Corotan
also known as Taospuso; Cling, is a noble descendant and the international advocate for the Mandayan tribe of the Philippines and the indigenous peoples of Mindanao. She is the present Philippine Fiesta trader's ambassador. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, with a Bachelor's in Health Science, Public Health and Theatre Arts with a minor in International Studies in 2006 and a Bachelor's of Nursing in 2007. Presently, she is the east coast director of SANDIWA, the National Filipino American Youth. Concurrently, she is the National Director of the cultural and indigenous sector of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns. She is the former district III chair of FIND in 2006 and was also the district's Miss Philippines in 2005. Regardless, she remains a humble servant selflessly devoting her life in advocacy for the youth, the indigenous people and the local community of Filipinos especially within the walls of the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center, a project of Philippine forum. She shares the stories of the community through her proficiency in the field of arts, academe and community health. Taospuso is a revolutionary artist who embodies the courage and humility of a Filipina, living as a herald of Christ and a vanguard of transformation.