Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Statement on the arrest of NDF Chief Political Consultant Jose Ma. Sison

For Immediate Release
August 28, 2007

Reference: RENATO M. REYES, JR.

Statement on the arrest of NDF Chief Political Consultant Jose Ma. Sison
By the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan

The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan condemns in the strongest terms the arrest of National Democratic Front Chief Political Consultant Jose Ma. Sison and the raid on the houses and offices of NDF personnel by the Dutch authorities. This development has dire and far reaching repercussions on the peace process in the Philippines.

The move to arrest Joma and the subsequent raids and interrogation of NDF personnel are most probably done with the knowledge and prodding of the Philippine government. We condemn both the Dutch and Philippine government for these latest attacks on civil liberties.

As of this writing, the legal basis for the arrests and raids remain unclear and are highly questionable. No formal charges have been filed by the Dutch authorities.

The rights of the NDF personnel are being clearly violated by the Dutch government. Meanwhile the Arroyo government is beside itself with glee over the latest developments.

It should be recalled that it was the Arroyo government, through then Secretary of Foreign Affairs Blas Ople, who actively lobbied for the inclusion of Sison in the European Union's terrorist list.

The Arroyo government has long sought the incarceration of Sison along with the termination of the peace process. The attacks on the NDF personnel who are part of the peace process clearly show that the Arroyo government has no intention to pursue meaningful peace negotiations.

It is very likely that the Arroyo government has driven the last nail on the coffin of the peace talks with the NDF. The Philippine government is doing all it can to sabotage any remaining hope for the resumption of the talks. The Arroyo regime is preparing to escalate its all out war against the Filipino people.