Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A message from the FiRE website manager

Since we've installed the counter in mid-May 2007, the FiRE website has received a consistent weekly trickle of about 125 unique visitors from all over the world! We thank you for your interest in the National Democratic movement, acknowledgment in the value of this work, and hope to incite your further involvement in our cause.

With that, we've recently received a slew of blog comments regarding our current campaigns, and have found answers to some of your questions. We are elated that you are using this forum as a means of engagement. We welcome any honest and critical dialogue, and should you ever need to contact us, please do not hesitate to use the information found at this link, and we will get back to you shortly!

Hanalei Ramos
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Now, onto the matter at hand! Please keep the questions and requests coming; feel free to use us as a resource! :)

(original thread found here: http://firenyc.blogspot.com/2007/07/justice-for-sentosa-27-migrante-hits.html#comments )

"I'm a nurse also, and I have signed up with sentosa recruitment agency. Until now I'm still here in the Philippines despite having completed all my requirements. I've been with trhem for 2 and half years already and still there is no or there's just very little progress with my papers. My friends who signed with sentosa and others taht I know that signed up with sentosa suffered the same fate. I HOPE THAT THIS FIGHT AGAINST SENTOSA RECRUITMENT AGENCY WILL NOT JUST BE FOCUSED BY THOSE 27 NURSES IN NEW YORK, WE HOPE THAT NURSES LIKE US THAT CAN'T GET OUT OF SENTOSA BECAUSE OF ITS CONTRACT AND A CERTAIN FEE TO BUY OUT THE CONTRACT THAT ARE TRAPPED WILL BE NOTICED. We the nurses that signed with SENTOSA ARE ALSO SHOUTING THAT WE WANT OUT OF SENTOSA!! "

Response: (via Rico Foz, Executive Vice President of NAFCON - the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns)

Through FiRE, tell these RNs in the Philippines that our struggle for justice is not really meant for the 27 healthworkers in NY only; which is why it is called 27++. They are not alone, many of their colleagues are of course coming out in the open and reaching us out. The unabated exploitation of healthworkers by the Sentosa Recruitment Agency, in cahoots with some unscrupulous businesspersons and corrupt government officials continues to this day. This is also the very reason why we strive to advance the struggle to higher grounds.

If you please tell them to uncover themselves with anonymity and email me directly at nafconusa@yahoo.com, as extreme confidentiality is to be expected from us. We understand their difficult plight but we are inutile until they reach out to us and reciprocally communicate with them to learn their stories. This will further strengthen our arguments then stand side by side and fight with them in their quest for justice.