Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Warm militant greetings!

The GABRIELA-USA National Organizing Committee, on behalf of Pinay Sa Seattle, babae in San Francisco and FiRE in New York, are proud to share recent news that we will be formally building towards a national women's alliance, GABRIELA-USA.

After a monumental conference in Seattle, WA in November 2007, which brought together our 3 women's organizations, we have been steadily building our Filipino women's alliance towards the formation of a GABRIELA USA Chapter in the U.S. This month, we are happy to share with you the news and the actual text that the GABRIELA National Council has recently passed a resolution that recognizes our women's alliance as the first international chapter of the vibrant women's alliance in the Philippines, GABRIELA.

We thank allies and friends like yourself and your organizations in sustaining and supporting us throughout our journey. We would like to send you our gratitude for your steadfast support and look forward to continuing and strengthening our struggle.

GABRIELA USA will be vigilant in addressing the unique struggles of Filipino women in the US and in the Philippines. Side by side with the broader struggles of the Filipino people, GABRIELA USA will continue to strengthen our legacy as empowered Filipino women, and fight against the oppressive government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The road before us will be long and undoubtedly demanding, however, with your help and trust, we are sure to build GABRIELA-USA into a wide, solid and strong force within the National Democratic movement.


In solidarity,
GABRIELA-USA National Organizing Committee