Friday, February 29, 2008

and another one!

Our soundwoman extraordinaire for the night! VettieVette has been a fantastic friend to FiRE, from DJing our "Stop the Killings" show in March 2007 to hosting a Pinay Brunch this past winter, we are so happy that this woman's got FiRE's back!

DJ Vettie Vette!

DJ Vettie Vette aka Yvette Cuenco is a Bay Area native Brooklynite with Kapampangan and Mindanao roots. She has been involved with the Pilipino community since she was a kid - from her family's church activities through her days as an undergrad at UCLA. She moved to Brooklyn in 2004 to attend NYU's School of Social Work and has been working full-time as a licensed master social worker at a children's day treatment program in Brooklyn since 2006. Outside of the office, Vettie Vette has been involved in the arts & culture scene for many years - as a writer, events volunteer, and performer. On her spare time DJ Vettie Vette can be seen with her DJ crew - Sistamatik, record shopping, cooking, or enjoying the sights and sounds of her adopted city. She is honored to be a part of the first annual Diwang Pinay. For more information on Vettie Vette's events or to download her mixes, please hit up