Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vote Sentosa 27 as Balitang Amerika's Newsmaker of the Year!

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Please place your vote NOW for the Sentosa 27 nurses as Balitang Amerika's Newsmaker of the Year. Please see the link below for info how to vote.

As you all know, NAFCON has worked hard to build the Sentosa 27 campaign and keep the Sentosa 27 in the news. As the nurses struggles continue with the Avalon 11 facing their criminal hearing on Dec 17th, we in the community must keep up the support and heighten the media profile of the case.

For all of us in the worldwide immigrant community, this case represents all of us!!!!

for the OFW,
Berna Ellorin


Voting until Nov 30, Newsmaker of the year will be announced on Dec 30, 2007.
check the link below.

To Vote by text
Type: my newsmaker (space) name of choice and send to 650-766-1557

To vote by E-mail
Email and type the name of your choice