Friday, November 9, 2007

Bayan's Statement of Solidarity for the People of Pakistan

Bayan's Statement of Solidarity for the People of Pakistan
Against the Emergency Rule of Musharaff

The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan ( New Patriotic Alliance ), the largest multisectoral alliance in the Philippines, condemns in the strongest terms the emergency rule recently imposed on Pakistan by Prime Minister Pervez Musharaff.

Musharaff has declared a state of emergency purportedly " to curb terrorism " and to contain the "extremist Islamic groups". Everyone knows that the real agenda for martial rule is Musharaff's desperation to stay in power and quash any group seeking his removal. Militant and progressive secular leaders as well as Opposition groups in Pakistan are being arrested under the so-called emergency rule. In essence, Musaharaff, the Chief of the Pakistani Army has declared martial law.

Peaceful meetings inside offices are being raided, while a vast number of people are being held under house arrest. All international and private news channels have been curt off while news can only be accessed thru the state's channel.

Bayan calls for the immediate and unconditional lifting of emergency rule, the reinstation of the Judiciary, press freedom, and the release of all persons detained by the Musharaf fascist dictatorship.

Bayan also urges everyone to take note of the role of the US in instigating the current situation in Pakistan. The US has supported the dictatorial regime of Musharaff in exchange for the latter's support for the US war on terror, including the invasion of Afghanistan and the setting up of US bases in Pakistan. United States aid to the Musharaff fascist regime has reached $10 billion since the 9-11 attacks in 2001.

Anti-imperialist groups in Pakistan have reported that the objective of the US in its so-called "war on terror" is to encourage mayhem in Muslim states to change the map of a so-called Broader Middle East. The US plan is to create or transform three whole countries into permanent US bases. The countries are Afghanistan with Pashtun areas of Baluchistan, Kurdistan carved out of Iraq and Turkey, and a new Baluchistan carved out of Pakistan and Iranian Baluchistan.

Bayan joins the people of the world in expressing solidarity with the Pakistani people in their struggles against the strongarm rule of the US-Musharaff regime. Bayan hopes that the very broad united front of all sectors fighting this rule will triumph and will persevere until US imperialism and all reactionary forces in this large country be defeated ultimately.###