Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

FiRE received a chockfull of information regarding sexual harassment. In light of the workshop we just did yesterday at the Sexual Harassment Summit, we thought this information might be pertinent, and prove useful for folks inthe future.

Unfortunately, there aren't that many non-profit organizations out there that provide services to those who have endured sexual harassment. Much unlike domestic violence, there isn't as much programming as readily available. However, we were able to find an online support forum for sexual harassment and stalking survivors.

To find a lawyer who concentrates in sexual harassment cases, visit the followin site:FIBASH Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment is an excellent free legal advice and assistance site with just about everything you need to know to file a complaint, a grievance, or a law suit, including finding the right lawyer in any state, understanding the laws in force, and how to collect written and taped evidence. More links to online resources can be found here: http://library.uncg.edu/depts/docs/us/harassment.asp)

According to Atty. Cristina A. Godinez, a lawyer practicing from the NYC area, "it's best to start the process by calling the NYS Division of Human Rights. (details below) Once you report your case, this office is required to begin an investigation. One should:

  • write down the details of the incident and include dates, time, place, persons present, verbatim remarks of the harasser, if any, and how you felt about the incident, etc.)
  • if there are witnesses, write down their names and contact details.
  • keep relevant documents as well. This will make the work of the investigator easier and a detailed recollection of the incident is generally considered
    more credible.

    "If she is not yet prepared to make written notes about the incident, it's okay.
    The intake officer will conduct an interview in person or by phone. Then, be sure to take note of the name of the interviewer so that you can follow up the case.

    New York State Division of Human Rights
    ( www.nysdhr.com )
    55 W 125th St.
    New York, NY 10027

    For a listing in other states, please visit this site:

    To determine other NY departments to file your grievances, visit:

    If you're a member of a women's organization who has internal committees
    or working groups that address this issue, please let us know: fire.nyc@gmail.com .