Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holiday Hiatus: OVER!


We're back, and thinking of you! We know there haven't been that many updates, but we collectively decided to give ourselves some time to miss the community work (hence, the silence on our end!) We've returned refreshed, a little chubbier from the family parties, and looking forward to the 2008 we got planned for y'all!

From the East Coast, FiRE NYC hopes our kasamas and allies had a safe holiday season, and rang in the new year right! Amidst the turbulence of now, we are grateful to be beside you in this movement. Thank you for struggling it out with us during our first year, as these growing pains have been quite challenging to overcome. Please know how grateful we are to you for your commitment to us. Thank you, kasamas and allies, your support makes us the organization we are today! Please keep a look out for an eventful 2008, as Diwang Pinay comes to the East Coast and FiRE hits its first anniversary!

Oh yes, check back soon for the swell of updates. :)