Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Kimmie and I are glad that you enjoyed last night's screening of Modern Heroes, Modern Slaves. We are grateful for the opportunity to share with you the many stories of struggle faced by overseas Filipinos all over the world. We strongly encourage you to take these stories back to the communities you serve and note how these gross injustices replay themselves in local narratives.

Thank you for also filling out our event assessment form, as it is our only line of evaluation, and our impetus for improvement. We are elated that you enjoyed the empanadas, promise a discussion at next month's film, and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and actions.

Organizationally, one of our objectives is to send Val to WISAP!
FiRE is excited to have a representative present for the Women's International Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP). However, unexpected expenses have led to some difficulty getting Val (FiRE's Sec. Gen) to attend ---- as the registration is $400--yes, American dollars! If you have the capacity to, please help us by making a donation below. ANY AMOUNT HELPS!!!!

(FAQ: Paypal takes about $2 off per transaction, and accepts credit/debit cards, personal checks EVEN WITHOUT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT)